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Founded in 2015 by Rachael Rose, Creative Speech Therapy NYC is a private practice located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. We offer client-centric therapist led therapy that is catered specifically to each child's needs. We are collaborative with families and children teams. We encourage parents to be very involved in their child's therapy and provide treatment plans for each child, outlining what families can do at home to help support our therapy! Creative Speech Therapy works with children from birth to 12 years in age.

Creative Speech Therapy NYC has grown exponentially since it started. Our team has turned from one therapist working from a home office, into a team of four, working in office, in home, and online. We are female run, LGBTQ friendly, and inclusive of all children no matter their abilities. We pride ourselves on kids not wanting to leave therapy; they love it here! We have cultivated a community and offer that to support to any family who walks through our doors.

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