Social Skills Groups

Creative Speech Therapy-120

First, we will curate your child’s group with careful analysis of their social strengths, weaknesses, and needs. Once they are matched with peers, we will work with the families in your group to set a weekly group time; groups are 45 minutes in length, in office.

We use a mix of fun, play, and research based interventions including the Social Thinking Methodology. Groups will be run by a certified Speech and Language Pathologist trained in Social Skills development. No two groups will be the same; the therapist will hand select different targets and programs for each group’s needs. Skills we will target include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Conversation and social connection
  • Flexible and socially aware thinking
  • Turn taking and waiting your turn
  • Sharing
  • Whole body listening
  • Staying in the group
  • Self regulation
  • Friendship and relationship development
  • Perspective taking
  • Play skills

Our goal with each skill is to reduce interfering behaviors and to improve positive interactions at home, school, on the playground, and in your community. Our emphasis on keeping groups small in number, allows our therapists to cater specifically to each child’s unique needs, while also encouraging friendship.

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