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Client centric, therapist led treatment for your child

Creative Speech Therapy NYC is a private practice located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. As stated above, our client-centric therapist led treatment, is catered to your child’s specific speech, language, and feeding needs. Our small team of highly specialized and award-winning therapists and staff are extremely passionate about their work. 

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about us

We are here to build a community

Our prestigious therapists believe that the best therapeutic results come from collaboration. This is why we write an individualized treatment plan for your child with step by step instructions to use at home to support our therapy. We also collaborate with your child’s whole team including doctors, therapists, and teachers from the most prestigious private schools in NYC.

Our process

From our first phone call to your child's
last session, we're here to be your teammate

Jane smiles while sitting at a desk with her laptop
We Start With an Evaluation

Our office manager, Jane, will schedule your child's first appointment. She is here everyday to support your family and answer any of your questions. She will make custom materials for their treatment and help with billing.

Siena smiles and plays a game on the floor with a little boy
Our Assessments and Treatment Plans Will Answer Your Concerns

Beyond a typical assessment, our therapists will go in depth to find the root cause of your child's speech/language or feeding difficulty. Your child won't even know its an evaluation because the process is so fun and catered to them!

Christie and a young boy do sidewalk chalk outside the Creative Speech Therapy NYC office
Individualized Treatment

Tailored, research based therapy will address your child's treatment diagnosis. Our 1:1 and group options, as well as location flexibility show our dedication to our client's families.


Why us?

  • Holistic approach
  • Passionate & expertly trained clinicians
  • Bilingual therapist (fluent in Japanese)
  • Community of client families
  •  Office, home, and teletherapy session availability
  • In depth treatment plans
  • Office manager support
  • Custom made materials
  • Collaboration with your child’s entire team

Our therapists meet each child where they are


We are up to date with the latest research and methods and apply that knowledge creatively to our therapy


We are sensitive to parents' needs and focus on the whole family


Families are part of a large group of caring parents and other professionals

We are here to help your child speak and eat confidently and joyfully

Through treatment, your child will better be able to:

  • Express their needs verbally
  • Meet their language milestones
  • Follow directions
  • Gain confidence through being understood
  • Master that tricky “R” sound or lisp
  • Overcome effects from thumb sucking or chronic snoring
  • Improve stuttering
  • Feel less stressed at meal time
  • Transition to solids
  • Expand their diet
  • Enjoy playdates and parties with friends
  • Connect with friends and family
  • Improve language as a Gestalt Language Learner
  • Communicate through their unique Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Learn in a safe environment
  • Work with an expert in the field of Apraxia of Speech
  • Increase their verbal communication
Christie works on speech, with two young children, while holding a squirrel game
Siena laughs as a young boy gives her a big hug
Rachael uses veggie sticks on each side of her mouth to demonstrate technique, while talking to a young boy

Experts ready to give your child the keys to healthy speech and feeding

Rachael Rose
Owner, Founder, & Speech/Language Pathologist
Siena Cardamone Viviano
Speech/Language Pathologist
Christie Haggerty
Speech/Language Pathologist
Miya Wilson
Speech/Language Pathologist Clinical Fellow
Jane Wright
Office Manager/Marketing Director

Vast training in speech and feeding gives us the dexterity and experience to offer tailored treatment to your child

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More than just therapy

When a child comes to Creative Speech Therapy, their family becomes our family

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