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When babies are born, we start tracking their milestones. As soon as your little one starts to miss developmental milestones, you should seek help from a professional.

As soon as your little one starts to miss developmental milestones, you should seek help from a professional.

Possibly. While there is no direct link between chronic ear infections and speech/language delay, children are generally thought to be more at risk for developing communication impairments with this medical history, and should be closely monitored.

Most of our clients are seen one to two times per week, depending on the severity of the disorder, or what type of intervention program is being implemented. Some clients receive more intensive treatment schedules if they have a more intensive need.

We encourage parents and caregivers to participate in therapy so that you can implement our treatment at home. For some children, they perform best when working separately from parents. For those children, parents may be included in treatment sessions for the last 5-10 minutes or we will video (with signed permission) portions of the session.

This depends on many factors including type of disorder/delay, severity of the disorder, client motivation and family involvement in implementing home practice. In general, children with receptive language problems (difficulty understanding language) tend to require longer courses of treatment, as do children with underlying neurocognitive impairments such as apraxia, autism, or a genetic disorder.

In accordance with the No Surprises Act, we will also provide a “Good Faith Estimate.”

For speech/language or social skills therapy, sessions are typically 30 minutes or 45 minutes in length. We determine the appropriate length based on your child’s age, attention span, and course of treatment. For feeding therapy, sessions are typically 45 min to 1 hour in length. Again, we determine the appropriate length based on your child’s age, attention span and course of treatment.

We are a private pay practice and thus out of network; we provide invoicing/billing and other documentation you need to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Out of network coverage varies from plan to plan. Most families who use their out of network benefits with us are able to receive 70 – 80% reimbursement. Many families who have the following plans take advantage of their out-of-network benefits: Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Empire Blue Cross, Oxford, Aetna, United, Emblem Health, and Multi Plan. 

We work with all children, regardless of if they are receiving services elsewhere. Many of our clients do! We do not work under any mandates from the Department of Education or any other agency. If your child is receiving these services, the services they would receive from Creative Speech Therapy would be supplemental.

We require 48 hours notice for canceled appointments. You may be responsible for the full appointment cost if we receive less than 48 hours notice. Insurance companies do not reimburse for missed appointment sessions. If you are late for an appointment, you will be seen for the remainder of your reserved time.  

If your child is running a fever, has an infection, or is thought to have a contagious illness, they are not permitted to in person therapy. Children must be fever free for 24 hours before in person therapy. Please contact as soon as possible if your child is sick. 

A “no show” will be charged the cost of the session.

We understand that life is often unpredictable and there are unexpected circumstances that can arise. With advanced notice, we will try our best to accommodate your schedule change requests.  

We would love to meet your other kids! We have a waiting room with books and some toys where they are welcome to wait during your child’s appointment.

If your child has had a speech and language or feeding evaluation/assessment in the past 6 months, we may be able to use that in lieu of completing our own. 

Our high level of training enables our speech/language therapists to analyze and dig deeper into your child’s areas of need than typical speech/language and feeding assessments. This allows us to determine the underlying etiology and provide the most effective treatment for your child.  

Typically, no. Some insurance companies will require pre-authorization from a Doctor. We recommend speaking to your insurance before beginning treatment if you plan to submit for reimbursement. If you plan to only pay privately, a referal is not required. 

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