Hire us to present and speak to your people about feeding and speech

Our custom presentations are perfect for parents, teachers, and other professionals who would like more education on pediatric and neonatal feeding and speech therapy. We will pass on our knowledge and answer your hard questions with nuance and clarity.

This is a wonderful service to offer your clients. We build presentations based on your organization’s needs, with no two addresses being the same. We offer question and answer sessions post presentation with our expert speech/language pathologists to cover any specific challenges your clients are having. 

Topics we cover

  • Picky eating and problem feeding
  • Breast and bottle feeding
  • Developmental milestones
  • Bilingual speech therapy
  • How to carry over therapy at home
  • How to help your child develop their speech and language skills
  • Social and pragmatic language skills
Virtural and in-person options available!

Who may want to use our services

  • Schools
  • Educational services
  • Daycares
  • Occupational therapy clinics
  • Dentists
  • Doulas and birth/lactation specialists
  • Businesses and organizations centered on child development and families

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    Thank you! We'll reach out within 1 - 2 business days.

    Select past presentations

    • “Speech/Language Development & When to Refer to Speech Pathologists,” teacher presentation and question/answer – Aozora, private bilingual (Japanese) school, Rachael Rose and Miya Wilson

    • “Picky Eaters,” parent presentation and question/answer – Horace Mann, private school, Rachael Rose

    • Wilson, M., Goral, M., “Examining Oral Reading Abilities of a Bilingual Person with Primary Progressive Aphasia,” ASHA Convention; 2023, Boston, MA, Miya Wilson

    • Wilson, M., Fortunato-Tavares, T., Lagus, S., Dreux, F., “Language Screening and Linguistic and Cultural Diversity: A Systematic Literature Review,”  Poster presented at ASHA Convention; 2022, Washington, DC, Miya Wilson

    • Pediatric Feeding Course – Lehman College, department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, Rachael Rose, adjunct lecturer

    • “Getting Into Your Child’s World: Speech and Language Therapy” – PURA Syndrome Foundation, 2021 Conference, Rachael Rose 

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