Cancellations Hinder Therapy

The world we live in is a demanding one. We are each constantly pulled in multiple different directions at once and forced to sacrifice obligations, plans, and money, for unexpected events and complications. And it’s no different with our kids; kids in New York are some of the busiest people in the world! When their schedules start to overflow, oftentimes, therapy steps up to the chopping block and appointments get canceled. But should therapy be the first of our child’s (or our) many obligations to fall by the wayside? There are a few reasons why it should NOT, no matter what the reason for cancellation is. Here’s why we believe speech and feeding therapy should be a top priority for your child and your family:

  1. Financially, it is your best option not to cancel. 

If you need to cancel appointments because you’re tight on money, it may result in spending more money in the long run by prolonging the need for services. Sporadic attendance does not lead to progress and will likely result in the therapist having to repeat work done in the past to refresh your child after missing sessions. If you cannot commit to the advised schedule agreed upon by you and your therapist at the time of evaluation, it is probably not worth it to begin services until you can commit 100%. Otherwise, you may become frustrated not seeing progress despite the money you’re spending. Also remember, that every minute of therapy is one on one with the therapist. It’s different from going to a medical office where the doctor often doesn’t spend as much time with your child. The therapist is focused on your child the entire session time.  

  1. Speech, Language, and Feeding Therapy are vital.

If you see speech, language, and/or feeding therapy as a luxury and something else conflicts with the appointment time, we would gently invite you to re-examine why you sought out a therapist to begin with. The skills your child is working on in therapy are crucial to their well-being. Communication and physical nourishment are skills your child will use everyday for the rest of their life. Are other events in their life going to be as influential?

  1. It guarantees your time slot and shows respect to your therapist and their business.

A time slot(s) is set aside each week for your child and when you cancel, it is not always possible for us to utilize it for another client. If you’re only able to use your time slot inconsistently, your time slot will no longer be guaranteed and will be offered to someone who can come consistently. Without consistent appointments, it would be impossible for us to support our business financially and continue giving the highest quality of care. 

Now and in the future, the practices they learn in therapy will protect them, alleviate pain, and prevent future problems in their life. Services are individualized, specific and consistent with symptoms or confirmed diagnosis of their speech or feeding issue. Therapy can be extremely effective when appointments are consistent and carried over in the home. The more committed you are, the more you’ll get your money’s worth.

Written by: Jane Wright, Office Manager/Marketing

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